Emily Elliott (St. Louis)

March 30 - May 15, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, March 30, 2018, 6pm-9pm

Emily Elliott sculpts a woman in circumstances where she might naturally be naked in a bathroom or bedroom. This very aspect sets her work I Know You Are But What Am I, 2018 apart from the artistic tradition of female nudes, which were conventionally shown inactive and without context exposed to the male gaze. The blanket  wrapped around the head of the main figure in the exhibit is presented as if glimpsed without her knowing we are there. With a mouth agape there’s a suggestion that we are voyeurs looking through the key hole. The blanket also veils the identity of the subject, a form without idealization, draping gawkily between the naked and the nude. Her work is a response not only to physical frustrations “but also what many American’s feel about the social climate, issues of sexism, inequality and violence” in the current year. Other pieces Agita, Ennui and Golden Boy, all 2018, explore these wider themes more explicitly. Golden Boy a male bust covered in a ski mask reflects the terror created in street violence that has rocked the political world in places like Charlottesville and Berkeley. The act of covering and uncovering the body fleshes out the identity of both oppressor and oppressed.


Artist Biography:

EMILY ELLIOTT received her MFA in 2014 from the University of South Florida, Tampa and her BFA from Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia in 2011. Her selected one person exhibitions include:  William and Nancy Oliver Gallery, Tampa and Illges Gallery, Columbus, Georgia. Her selected group exhibitions include: MFA 2014 Graduation Exhibition, University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa; Tampa Museum of Art; Underground Art, Eighty-Five,Columbus, Georgia and Ilges Gallery, Columbus, Georgia among others. Elliot is a recent transplant from New York where she was an assistant to artist Matthew Barney.



Brian Whiteley (New York)

June 1 - July 31, 2018


Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 2018, 6pm-9pm

Surf the Kali Yuga! As we enter the second year of the era of Trump, artist Brian Whiteley’s protest etched in stone and rendered in AstroTurf comes to Duet June 1st. Whiteley’s exhibition titled “Political Suicide” will include various brass rubbings and drawings pressed from the tomb of America’s current year. Whiteley is known for his provocative performances, sculpture, installation and video work focused on the idea of media manipulation asking: “how does the media substantiate works of art and how far can I push them on covering performance art.” Whiteley often employs an element of surprise, that can be both comical and frightening with a unique approach to audience engagement, so come and see, because it’s going to be Yuge.


Artist Biography:


BRIAN WHITELEY (born 1983) is a visual artist and curator based in New York City. His recent projects and performances include: Spring/Break Art Fair New York; IIC Program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Zolla Lieberman Gallery, Chicago; Wassaic Project, New York; WhiteBox, New York; Kustera Projects, Brooklyn; Lump Gallery, Raleigh, North Carolina; The Invisible Dog, New York and at Governors Island’s Figment Arts Festival, are just a few among his many projects and performances. Whitelely earned his MFA from the School of Visual Arts, in New York, attended Westminster College in London and earned his BFA from Ball State University in Indiana. He’s also an art fair organizer, having founded the now-defunct Select fair and created Miami’s Satellite Art Fair, entering its third year and a forthcoming residency and exhibition at Tempus Projects in Tampa.


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